Setting Intentions, Not Resolutions

The end of 2019 was a whirlwind of sickness. Every week I was bringing a different child to the doctor or to the local urgent care. Ear infections and sinus infections plagued our family with a vengeance. It got to the point where I felt I should have been offered a frequent patient punch card. … [Read more…]

Tears, Trials and Thanksgiving

This year has been tough. I mean really tough. I am sure like many of you out there, 2019 hasn’t been the kindest to you. The year started out pretty good but in the Spring time, my health took a nosedive causing me to take a leave of absence from work for six weeks. I … [Read more…]


You would think that I don’t like to blog anymore due to the fact that today is May 22nd and this is my first post of 2019. 2018 ended on a note filled with mixed emotions and if you read my last post, I am happy to report that my husband’s biopsy results came back … [Read more…]

Mantra for 2019

2 weeks ago my husband and I were sitting in our basement wrapping Christmas presents and catching up on Grey’s Anatomy. In the episode, a patient went in for a routine surgery and ended up bleeding out in the OR and dying. I freaked out and asked why we were even watching it. Why was … [Read more…]

Exhausted as a Mother

Today was hard. Like extremely hard. The kind that makes you want to run away to an island where it is just you and no one else. It started like a normal day, running around like a crazy person trying to get myself and 3 kids ready to make it to church. I brought my … [Read more…]