Survivor of Postpartum Depression/Anxiety. Wife. Mama. Lover of Jesus, Coffee, Cuss Words, and Diet Pepsi.

Let’s face it, being a mom is by the far the most AMAZINGĀ and HARDEST job on the planet!!!!

My kids are my world and while they bring me my greatest joy, they can (at times!) cause me my greatest stress. It’s a never ending roller coaster of happiness, craziness, stress, laughter, tears and a bazillion other emotions, BUTTTTTTTTT I totally wouldn’t have it any other way.

This blogĀ is dedicated to my journey with maternal mental illness and the never ending shenanigans of being a mom. I hope you will find comfort in knowing you are not alone, laughter at my expense and together, we remember that life is short, our kids grow fast and we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.

So let’s take time to acknowledge the moments we have with them, good and bad, because this is the most important job we will ever have.